Lifestyle Newborn

Lifestyle family portrait with toddler kissing newborn in moms arms on bed.
mom snuggling with newborn baby boy on bed and giving baby a kiss on the cheek
Newborn Portrait in Babies Nursery with cute animal pictures above crib
Baby boy in blue and white romper in middle of large white bed.
mom and dad holding their newborn in front of a window in baby nursery
dad holding newborn baby boy in one arm while newborn grabs dads finger on his other hand
Mom holding her newborn and smiling lovingly at baby
In-Home Newborn Portrait Session Lexington SC
Adorable baby girl doing tummy time for her 4 month portrait
Mom and Dad cuddling with baby beneath a large framed piece of artwork
Parents interacting with their newborn and toddler during lifestyle portrait session
Lifestyle Portrait of Mom holding newborn in mirror.
Parents cuddling with baby on couch in front of window
Parents posing with baby in front of crib in beautiful baby nursery
Lifestyle Newborn Session Chapin SC
Parents posing with baby on floor in front of crib in cute baby nursery
Dad holding baby girl and touching noses with her in babies nursery